About me

My name is Martin Böhme and I am a passionate maker of brass wind instruments in the beautiful Kaiserstuhl region.

My journey into the world of musical instruments began with my apprenticeship at Gebrüder Alexander in Mainz. There, from 2007 to 2010, I laid the foundation for my craftsmanship and gained knowledge about the art of instrument making.

My professional stations led me through renowned workshops such as Egger Blechblasinstrumentenbau and Dürk Horns. These experiences not only provided me with extensive expertise in working with various instruments, but also ignited my ambition to always provide the best for my customers.

In 2013, my expertise was crowned by the title of master craftsman (Meister). My masterpiece, a double horn with handmade tubes made of soldered sheet metal, reflects my dedication and attention to detail.

In 2015, I ventured into self-employment and founded the Klangwerkstatt. Originally, the focus here was on service and repair of wind instruments. But I soon expanded my portfolio: in 2016 I started building trumpets, and in 2020 my main focus shifted entirely to building new instruments.

The workshop has been developing steadily since then. In the fall of 2022, I was pleased to welcome a new employee who shares my passion and helps me cope with the ever-growing orders. My commitment to quality has not only won over dealers in the U.S., but also attracts a worldwide clientele.

I invite you to explore the my workshop and experience for yourself the fascination of handmade instruments. Welcome to my world of music and craftsmanship!