Do you have problems with your instrument? There is nothing that can’t be fixed!

The best way to determine your needs is to arrange a meeting. We can take a look at your instrument together to decide which method of approach is best.

From chemical purification to valve overhaul, flattening the instrument, a complete general overhaul with new lacquer, or an electroplating finish, straightening of flaps or the change of pads, your instrument will get the best treatment.

Service and Repair Work


  • chemical purification
  • valve overhaul
  • removing dents
  • general overhaul with a new finish (vanish, silver or gold,…)
  • individual manufacturing and restauration


  • inspection
  • technical overhaul
  • new pads and corks
  • removing dents
  • general overhaul (new pads and corks, everything new)