Introducing the Aereus trumpet, a groundbreaking marvel meticulously crafted from bronze and nickel silver. Remarkably lightweight with round about 1 kilogram and with its M-bore valve block it is delivering unparalleled responsiveness and control. What sets the Aereus apart from our previous designs is its revolutionary reconstruction, featuring a new bell shape, lead pipe, and brace design. The result is a perfectly balanced, incredibly versatile sound. From powerful, screaming notes to warm, mellow tones, the Aereus effortlessly transitions between sonic extremes. Its exceptional slotting, especially in the high register, is nothing short of incredibly precise. Notably, the Aereus has got a very short lead pipe and in return a unique main tuning slide made from a single, ultra-long tube. This exceptional feature further enhances the instrument’s precision and playability, making the Aereus trumpet a true masterpiece for musicians seeking unparalleled performance and versatility.